About the server

This server drives on Bukkit. My server is a PvP server.

As normal user you got some permissions. You can /help /back

/spawn /color /kit /arena join /pantball /tpa /home /warp /rules



No you cannot "nickname", but you can ask iversen for that.


Don't ask for op, gamemode, things, a house and somthing like that.


If you wanna contact iversen and he is offline just use

/mail send iversen [message] and then he will contact you soon.


You can become VIP if you help iversen, the Admins and users.



[1] Don't ask for op!

[2] Don't ask for items!

[3] Don't ask for gamemode!

[4] Don't hack! Hack (nodus / mycraft / x-ray / and other hacks!) =permban

[5] Talk nice! spam=ban


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